Our Mission

For the Love of Dogs Vermont is a foster-based, shelterless rescue located in the Mad River Valley, Vermont. We commit to rescuing and rehoming dogs from Vermont and numerous southern states, while we educate and raise awareness of dog rescue.


Welcome to For the Love of Dogs Vermont, a network of people with more than 40 years of rescue experience. FLDVT is run entirely by volunteers and relies on donations and adoption fees to support its programs.

FLDVT works to rescue dogs at risk of being euthanized in "high-kill" shelters in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Louisiana, and New York City. FLDVT is a registered non-profit 501(c)3. 

For many in the south, spay/neuter laws do not exist, and the dog overpopulation problem is critical. To date, with massive amounts of coordinating and collaborating and endless hours of dedication from the rescuers, fosters, transporters, volunteers, and donors, FLDVT rescues approximately 200 dogs per year. Our goal is to save more.

FLDVT makes sure our incoming dogs are tested for heart worms and are de-wormed, altered, and vaccinated. Our dogs are transported using USDA-licensed transporters who provide the dogs with quality care while on their way to us.


Once they arrive, our dogs are either adopted into loving families quickly, or they live with a foster family until an appropriate placement can be found. Because FLDVT is shelterless, we rely heavily on this supportive network of foster caregivers. 

FLDVT supports local shelters in Vermont by accepting dogs with special needs and placing them with foster families who can provide short- and long-term care and rehabilitation until permanent homes are found. 

FLDVT supports the Mad River Valley community, offering assistance for missing dogs and found dogs in need of medical attention and fostering until the owner is located.  

FLDVT is dedicated to educating the public about spaying and neutering their pets as well as choosing adoption over buying a dog from a puppy mill and breeder.



You can help

Adopt through FLDVT.
Foster through FLDVT.
Volunteer with FLDVT.
Donate to FLDVT.

Four million highly adoptable dogs are killed each year in this country's "shelters." That is 1 dog every 13 seconds.