Consider becoming a foster

Foster Caregivers provide our dogs with a safe home and lots of love while they are waiting to be placed in a forever home. Why foster?

  • Fostering costs almost nothing.

  • For people who love dogs but are unable to make a long-term commitment, fostering offers the company of a canine companion for the short-term.

  • Fostering requires little of you but the payback is enormous.

  • Fostering gives that dog a safe, loving place to recover from the harsh life of before.

  • Fostering can be done anywhere.

  • Fostering saves two lives: the dog you foster and the dog who takes that dog's place in the rescue or shelter.

All dogs deserve a second chance at a better life. Become a Foster Caregiver.

Learn more about fostering with For the Love of Dogs Vermont by reading through our Foster Care Agreement.

Complete the form below if you're interested in being contacted about becoming a Foster Caregiver in the Mad River Valley.

Once a foster dog, now a star!

Once a foster dog, now a star!

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